Should I Form An LLC for My Freelancing Work?

Let’s review the pros, cons and financial advantages that come with forming an LLC in order to freelancing. It is possible for corporations to cost more than sole proprietorships or partnerships. However, they are not subject to the same tax and unemployment insurance as other entities. One thing you should remember when reading about corporations […]

Does Your Freelance Business Need An LLC?

Let’s examine the advantages, tax and financial implications of creating an LLC for freelancing. A corporation is more costly to manage than a partnership, sole proprietorship or LLC. This is because it does not have any members that are employees in tax, unemployment insurance, workers’ comp, or for other legal purposes. As you are reading […]

Is The Offer For Free Registered Agent A Good Deal?

Let’s Examine The “Free Registered Agent” Offer. There is an offer on the Internet for “Free Registered Agent” by a company called Resident Agent Service. They are an independent reseller of InCorp services. Sure, the offer catches attention, but is it a good deal or just another advertising headline? Are you really going to save […]

Registered Agents Are Now Regulated

Nevada has come under significant federal and media scrutiny for its limited business entity information and for Registered Agent practices involving business entity creation and related services resulting in Registered Agents are now regulated by the State. Registered Agents Are Now Regulated The passage of Senate Bill 60, during the 2013 legislative session, revises the […]