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We’re often asked how we can offer a Premium Wyoming Registered Agent Services For An Affordable Rate of $95.00 a year. Quite simply, we can make a good living off what we’re charging now.

The better question to ask is; Why are the other guys charging so much?

Wyoming Registered Agent Services & LLC Setup

Starting a New Company?  Get Your LLC TODAY.

If you're starting a new company, one of the best things that you can do is to form a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) in Wyoming.  There are extensive reasons to have an LLC in Wyoming.  I've seen articles recently that said that a Nevada LLC  or a Deleware LLC is just as good - but I think their data is old and they leave out a couple of really great things about a Wyoming LLC over Nevada or Deleware, or even the State that you reside in.  Disclaimer - I'm biased. I'm lazy. So, I choose Wyoming over the others.

Lazy Guys Guide to Forming a Wyoming LLC

First off, let's talk about making the formation of your Wyoming LLC super easy.  If you hire Wyoming Discount Registered Agent to help you form your LLC, they will do the majority of your paperwork for you and check everything to make sure that it passes the requirements the first try.  Perfect for the Lazy like me or for the person that's not lazy - but just super busy and wants someone reliable to assign the task.

Another of my favorite things is that in Wyoming, you can have an LLC that is considered a 'kitchen table LLC'.  Okay - here's why this is awesome for Lazy Guy (me):  Wyoming assumes that the members of the LLC are family members. So they don't require you to file meeting minutes and annual reports!  So awesome.

Lastly, you don't have to file and pay taxes on your business income in Wyoming unless you actually do business in the State of Wyoming!  This is HUGE.  In Nevada, if you incorporate or form an LLC, you could be made to pay taxes on your business income through their new business tax.  It actually becomes a good reason to move your LLC from Nevada to Wyoming.

How Much Does it Cost to Form a Wyoming LLC?

First off, the State of Wyoming Costs is $100.  Then you need to have our registered agent services to be legal.  Our service is $95.00 per year.  Then the State of Wyoming charges $52 per year for your State Registration fees.  That's it!

We do have competitors that charge $20 per year less.  But - you don't get Polly.  Polly is the detail-oriented registered agent that checks and double checks to make sure that your paperwork is correct and you're staying in 100% compliance so that your Wyoming LLC is legal and flawless.  So what do you get for your $20?  Well, at Starbucks, that would buy you 4 Grande Cappuccinos.  At a pizza place, it would get you 7/8 of a large combo pizza.  Or with WDRA, it gets you POLLY POWER! And that's what makes us a premium Wyoming Registered Agent service.

How Quickly Can We Form an LLC in Wyoming?

Okay - if you can put your ducks in a row first thing in the morning, we can have all your paperwork filed and turned into the State of Wyoming by the end of the same business day!  You'll be legit within hours after that.  Forming an LLC in Wyoming can be that simple!